Magpie Social Superstore Now Open…

My online shop Magpie Social Superstore is now open.  The shop sells an eclectic mix of beauty, eco-beauty, home, coffee and chocolate, accessories, seasonal gifts and fashion.

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Magpie Social Superstore

Also get your Valentines Day’s gifts from him or her here….

Magpie Superstore Store Seasonal Gifts

Also Magpie Social Superstore is also selling lots of lovely and gorgeous eco-beauty products.

Magpie Social Superstore Eco-beauty



All The Fun At The Fair…….

I went to to the Fairtrade christmas Bazaar in Inverness  at the town hall today organised by the Inverness Fairtrade Group.  I bought a few things and took a good look around and grapped some information packs.

It was good, there was alot of people there and some great stalls selling fairtrade gifts, groceries,  jewellery; bags; seasonal clothing/accessories; baby clothes; soaps, coffee and chocolate and Christmas cards and decorations.

Inverness is a Fairtrade City and it was good to have an event that selling and promotes fairtrade.

Also, it was also great to get an insight into the customer interest and shopping of fairtrade.  What they where interested in, the stalls and the shop organisations who held the stalls and what stock they where selling; what stock took the customer interests; the pricing; the merchandising.

I was a really good day and as you can see there was some gorgeous goodies at the Bazaar and I bought a few.  Cannot wait to try the Fairtrade Organic Coffee and the lovely fairtrade soap I bought from the One World Shop stall.




TearFund Created 


Highland Palestine 

One World Shop 

Highland Wholefoods 

Himalayan For the Deaf 

Green Kite Trading 


The Spirit of Freedom Fair Trade Shop Open on Ebay UK

I would like to announce the opening of a new Eco-friendly, fairtade shop on Ebay UK.  “The Spirit of Freedom Fair Trade Shop” is open.  The shop sells certified fairtrade, handcrafted, organic, pre-loved and vintage clothes, accessories, bags, gifts, homeware, stationary, ethical beauty, coffee, chocolate and lots and lots of other beautiful products.

It’s an online stall that changes its stock and brands each month and each season at reasonable prices with free postage and packaging.  It’s amazing how gorgeous and more importantly reasonably priced ethical and eco-friendly products can be.

Researching brands and companies who sell to trade has been fun and I have found an eclectic mix of ethical, boho; flirty and femine, designer and sophisticated;  and stylish and trendy and I will be adding brands to sell the more the shop grows.

Current brands for sell are as follows:

  • Traidcraft
  • Manunit UK
  • Namaste
  • Shared Earth
  • iHerb for lots of lovely artisan coffee, fairtrade handmade soaps and other gorgeous products;
  • Suma
  • Scottish Botanics

Also am selling some artisan handmade soaps that are Palm Oil Free and pre-loved clothing and jewellery.  You can get such brillant gems if you buy second-hand and it helps to recycle used clothing items and jewellery.  It can be fun if you upcycle clothing to – either your own or via the internet by buying used good quality clothing.  You can get some brillant bargains if you buy pre-loved clothing and other products.

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Here are all the items on sale on my online stall this May which features many pre-loved items; jewellery accessories, jute bags and handmade soap.

When I thought about selling eco-friendly products I also wanted to sell fair trade products and pre-loved items.  I wanted to sell affordable but beautiful products that are not only beautiful on the eye and good quality but help to sustain the environment or/and to support producers and manufacturers of products.  These days the retail and fashion industry are gradually making steps to be more mindful about their impact on the environment and human rights and welfare.  There are many more brands out there that are accessable to buy and do not compromise in style and beauty.

I also wanted to allow accessablity of fair traded jewellery, accessories, bags, artisan soaps and beauty products; coffee and chocolate and allow for customers to buy not-easily-found coffee and chocolate products and homeware.

Here is a list of some of the brands that are going to be available:

Ebay Business Basic Shop Brands

Traidcraft Manunit UK Oblique AM Custom
Namaste The Shetland Soap Co PHB Skincare ShirtWorks
Shared Earth Adini Clothing Rapanui Clothing Cotton
Luna Tree Jewellery Seed and Bean Gossipum Iherbs
Nomads Clothing Fair Grounds  
Patchouli Fair People Tree Shea Butter Cottage  
Fair Naturally Ethletic Shoes Believe You Can  
Carishea Sole Rebels Fair Squared  
Global Seasaw Akoma Skincare Shea Mooti  
Nkuku Honeystreet Handmade Scottish Botanics  
Equal Exchange The Soap Co The Soap House  
Fresh Cargo Suma Celtical Herbals  

Please also check out my blog:


Luxury Palm Oil Free Cold-Process Soap Making

Getting Started in Making Cold-Process Soaps

Making cold-process soaps is somewhat addictive, rewarding and eco-friendly.

Cold-process are made naturally with no detergents and is less harsh for the water environment and you reduce the amount of packaging you will either have to throw away or recycle.

You can choose your ingredients, colour combinations and blend your own essential oil fragrances and be as creative as you like with your soaps.

One of the best starting methods is the Heating Method.

Also there are so many good books on soap-making.

You can also buy  palm oil soap making kits from Shea By Nature or Hobby Craft  


Working your Sap Values to Custom Your Own Recipes

If you want to customise recipes and design your own here is a fool-proof way of working out how much Lye you need to make your oils into soap.

Basic Ratios
30-50% Cleansing Fluffy Lathering Oils (luxury oils will benefit being combined with coconut oil or palm kernel oil)
20-40% Hard Bar and Stable Lather
20-50% Moisturising, creamy lather

(Sap Value) x grams/amount of oils/butter

Then add up all the individual sap values that have been worked out

And then work out your lye discount or superfatting:

Percentage for discount [example 5 (percent)]/100 x Total Lye

Total lye – percentage discount worked out = total lye with discount percentage taken off.

Choosing Ingredients – Properties and Saponification Values 

Here is your saponification Value chart that will help you customise and work out your own recipes to make them as creamy and bubbly and moisturising as possible:

Here comprehensive chart from my Soap-making blog:

Soap Making Oils and Butters and Sap Values – My Favourites
Fluffy Cleansing Lather:  
  1. Refined Coconut Oil       0.185  – Organic 
  2. Virgin Coconut Oil          0.176 – Organic, fairtrade and wet milled
  3. Murmumru Butter           0.165 – Sustainably harvested
  4. Tucuma Butter               0.141  – Sustainably harvested
  5. Aloe Vera Butter            0.176 – enfleuraged in coconut oil
  6. Moni De Tahiti Oil          0.176  – enfleuraged in coconut oil 
  7. Palm Kernel Oil             0.155 
Fluffy Creamy and Moisturing Lather 
  1. Castor Seed Oil        0.128 – Organic and community Traded
Hard Bar; Stable Lather
  1. Kpangnan Butter       0.136 – Fairtrade refined and virgin
  2. Sal Butter                  0.130 
  3. Mango Butter            0.134  – Organic and virgin 
  4. Cocoa Butter             0.137 – Organic, fairtrade and deodorised 
  5. Shea Butter               0.128 – Organic and certified Fairtrade 
  6. African Red Palm Oil 0.142 and 0.141 – Organic and Fairtrade virgin 
  7. Palm Oil                      0.141 – Organic and Certified Sustainable 
  8. Kokum Butter             0. 134 – Organic and certified Fairtrade 
  9. Ilipe Butter                  0.132   
  10. Allanblackia Butter      0.140 – Sustainably harvested 
Moisturing Creamy, Stable Lather  
  1. Avocado Butter –    0.132 – unrefined and virgin 
  2. Avocado Oil            0.133 – refined and virgin 
  3. Rice Bran Oil          0.128 – organic
  4. Safflower Oil           0.135 – Organic
  5. Sweet Almond Oil   0.136 – organic
  6. Rapeseed Oil         0.124 – organic 
Moisturing an Stable Lather and Slight Cleansing
  1. Olive Oil           0.134 – Fairtrade, organic and refined and virgin
  2. Sunflower Oil    0.134 – organic and unrefined
  3. Macerated sunflower oil  0.134 – organic and high oelic unrefined
  4. Hemp Seed Oil               0.135 – organic and virgin
  5. Jojoba Oil                       0.068 – organic and virgin
  6. Argan Oil                       0.136 – organic and virgin 
  7. Soya Bean Oil               0.134 
  8. Kiruri nut oil                   0.135 – organic 
  9. Camellia Oil                   0.134 – organic

Making Them Palm Oil Free  – The Best Oils and Butters 

It is easy to make a cold-process soap palm oil free.  There are plenty of recipes to buy and download.  Here is a one I bought from Soap School.  Although I do not have to original download I still it written down.  It is very creamy, moisturising and bubbly – And palm oil free.

If you would like to customise your palm oil free soap if you own butter/oil combinations here are the best butters, oils and their sap values.

Tucama Butter  – 0.141  

Has the same properties as Palm Kernel oil and provides a bubbly and cleansing lather in soaps.

Murmumru Butter – 0-165

Has the same properties as coconut oil – can be drying – but provides a bubbly and cleansing lather.  Good to add with coconut oil.

Shea Butter – 0.128

Very moisturising and creates and hard and moisturising bar of soap.  Helps to replace Palm Oil in soap.

Cocoa Butter  – 0.137

Moisturising and creates a hard, very creamy and moisturising bar of soap.  Use up 15% of your soap recipe and is a good replacement for Palm Oil when used with a combination of vegetable butters or oil.

Mango Butter 0.134

Moisturising and creates a hard, creamy and moisturising bar of soap.  Use up to 15% of your soap recipe.  Has the same properties of Palm Oil without depleting the rainforest and hurting the animals that live there.

Kpangnan Butter  – 0.136

Moisturising and creates a hard, moisturising bar of soap.  You can use up to 30% in your soap recipes.  Has the same properties of Palm Oil without depleting the rainforest and hurting the animals that live there.

Rapeseed Oil  – 0.124

You can use up 50% in recipes without resulting in a slow trace.  Creamy and in the UK you can get organic or locally produced cold-pressed oil.  Creates a creamy, moisturising lather in soap.  Can cause a soft bar though.

Olive Oil  – 0.134 

This can come in Fair trade and organic virgin varieties.  You can use up to 100% of you soap recipe.  Creates a hard, moisturising and gentle cleasning bar of soap.  It can take a long time to trace in large percentages.  The fair-y godmother of percentages for Olive Oil is 40%

Palm Oil Free Soap Recipe – Fair trade and Organic 

This recipe is creamy, bubbly and can feature – if you want – organic and fair trade ingredients.  This recipe can without having to recalculate, these amounts of fair trade or/and organic ingredients:

Fair trade:  13% – 63%

Organic:   10%- 100%

Recipe Name: The Ultimate Palm Free Recipe

Ingredient Formula ml/g

Olive Oil    400g
Coconut Oil (std 76 degree type)    320g
Shea Butter   130g
Cocoa Butter   100g
Castor Oil   50g

Water   300g

Superfat 5%    Lye   142g

20 – 30ml  Fragrance Oil/Essential oil Blend

Colour optional


Wearing safety equipment mix the lye solution into the water

Stir until fully dissolved in a well ventilated area

Melt the fats on a low heat and allow to cool
When the fats reach 100 – 120F add in the lye solution
Stir and then use mechanical mixing until you reach a very light trace
Add colour and fragrance oils
Pour into your pre lined mould or straight into silicone moulds

When I use this recipe in individual silicone moulds it sets up incredibly fast and as
individual bars do not enter the gel phase, I can generally unmould this soap within a
few hours of pouring!

Allow the soap to cure and dry and enjoy. I hope you love this soap as much as I do,
it has taken years of trial and error to get a palm free recipe that firms up so well,
stays nice and light coloured and feels delicious too. It also has a perfectly balanced
INS of 160 

If you want to know more information and recipes check out my soap-making blog:

Customise your own recipes and you can make your unique recipe 100% Fair trade and organic.  Brilliant!!!!!

Do what you want and what you like


Most important when it comes to crafting:  enjoy!!!!! Enjoy!!! Enjoy!!!


Handmade Palm Oil Free Soap Recipe

Palm Oil Free Lemon, Tee Tree and Lime Swirl

400g Coconut oil

100g Fair trade shea Butter

500g Rapeseed oil 

330g Distilled Water

141g Lye (5% lye superfatting discount) 

25-30ml of Lemon, Tee Tree and Lime Essential Oil Blend 

Zinc Oxide (nano Free) and Green oxide for colouring and swirling added at light trace. 


  1. Weigh out the water into a jug
  2. Weight out the lye and put into a container
  3. Sprinkle the lye into the water and stir until the solution is clear and put thermometer into the solution. 
  4. Weigh out the oils and butters and place in microwaveable bowl or pot.  
  5. Melt and heat the oils and butters with a preferred method – hob or microwave until the oils and butters are at 55-60 degrees centigrade 
  6. Mix the oils into each other and place with a thermometer aside to cool down to 50 degree centigrade
  7. When the oils and lye solution are approximately at the same temperature:  50 degrees.  Place a spatula and sieve over the bowl.  Give the lye solution a mix and then pour in a steady stream into the sieve and over the spatula into the bowl of oils. 
  8. Mix the lye solution and oils with the spatula for five to ten minutes by hand.  
  9. After five to ten minutes, speed up the process by using a blender. 
  10. Blend off and on for 30 seconds until the soap solution is mixed to a light trace
  11. Add the essential oil blend and mix with a spatula
  12. Pour a little amount of the soap mixture into another jug and colour with Green oxide 
  13. Optionally, colour the soap with zinc oxide white colour also or keep the main soap its natural colour
  14. Add the green-coloured soap into the soap in drizzles around the bowl and use a wooden mixer to swirl 
  15. Pour the soap into the mould and the soap will marble into the mould. 
  16. cover and insulate for a minimum of 24 hours. 
  17. Open, cut and cure.  

Hand In Hand – Sustainable Suds – Go Buys These..

Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

I would like to introduce Hand In Hand Sustainable Suds, a wonderful quaint and more importantly sustainable and Fair Trade soap, toiletry and candle company.

Husband and Wife business owners Bill and Courtney, have developed a lovely company that sells bath salts, candles, hand and body lotion; lip balm, liquid hand soap, bar soaps, sugar scrubs and soap dishes that is fair trade, charitable and eco-friendly.

Here some of their views and their standards.  Great for eco-conscious customers:

  • The Buy a Bar and Give a Bar scheme helps to reduce dirty water and poor hygiene related diseases in African countries.
  • For every product purchased, the Hand in Hand Sustainable Suds company will donate one month of clean water through their Clean Water Programme
  • The soap is biodegradable and does not hurt the environment and water  and each soap is made with natural organic ingredients and is certified by The Natural Product Association of America.
  • The soap is certified Fair trade.
  • The toiletries and soap are not tested on animals
  • The soap are Palm Oil Free
  • The company is committed to stopping the depletion of the Rainforest and has partnered up with SeaCology so every soap bar purchased they will save 50 Square acres of rainforest.
  • The packaging especially for the soap is 30% recycled material and their shipping materials have received silver level from the McDounough Braungart Design Chemistry for Human and Environmental Health.

Here is a link to the websites:  the US and UK version.

Oakland Coffee is Not only Fair and Community Trade but Sustainable

Oakland Coffee:    Fair, community Trade and organic coffee and more………………

If you ever visit the bay area or America, you need to buy this great coffee.  The coffee is roasted in Oakland California and is part owned by Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt who are the founding members of Street Punk band Green Day.   Now, Billie Joe and Mike are part-founders of this great locally-roasted and packed coffee company.

This great coffee company contributes to the environment for the earth and Human Rights.  They source their coffee from a community from Peru and Oakland Coffee have partnered with a local charity, to provide not only Fair trade for their coffee and the farmers but community trade also.  With guidance from their charity partners in Peru they are able to provide  affordable health care, dental care, farming projects that pay – for their organic coffee, and schooling for the children.

The coffee is lovingly roasted in Oakland after their farmers in Peru are lovingly growing their organic coffee for a fair trade that gives back to the community, then it is packed into compostable packaging.  NOT biodegradable but FULLY compostable!!!! Especially for their packaging for their roasted coffee!!! They also have single serve Organic eco-friendly coffee pods aswell which are in the process of getting produced.

They are the first coffee company to provide eco-conscious customers with an packaging solution that will fully degrade into compost without the packaging going into landfill and Carbon or Methane gases diffusing into the atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect is very apparent with climate change and the shrinking of the ice in the artic and ant-artic.

The packaging offered by Oakland Coffee is 100% Compostable!  Single Serve Pods aswell which have become very popular over the last couple of years.  Here is a quote about their packaging:

That’s why Oakland Coffee bags and pods are made out of 100% compostable, plant-based materials rather than petroleum-based plastics, allowing you to bypass the global trash stream and dispose of your Oakland Coffee products in your municipal compost bin. Within 90 days it will become rich organic compost that can be used to nourish plants, completing a natural recycling of nutrients back into the Earth that we feel is vital to a sustainable future for our planet.

Choosing compostables shows a commitment to leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. You’re sending the message that all single-use packaging can and should be made from renewable materials. You are joining the revolution and triggering a change for good in your community and beyond.

So if you ever take a holiday to America – you have to try and get some of this great coffee  online or at a store if you can and the company is located in Oakland area so you can also check out Oakland and San Francisco which is has thriving locally-made and eco-consciousness businesses and ethos.

Here the links for more info: